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Our home base, South Asia, is in the forefront of climate-induced vulnerability, and there isn’t enough being done to address it on time. Factors such as heavy agrarian economies, underdeveloped and emerging markets, deep systemic inequalities, diverse topographies and livelihoods closely dependent on the earth’s natural resources are further exacerbating this issue. To make things worse, information on the causes and impacts (environmental, social, economic) of climate change is often inaccessible to communities most affected by it.

The unique challenges of this region warrant unique responses
that take a holistic, systems approach in creating and compounding climate solutions. South Asia leads in ground level know-how, jugaad innovation, collective-community action, and deep cultural knowledge in sustainable use of natural resources. With effective and accessible climate change communication, action networks, and informed push for supportive policy and private sector support, this century can be one where this region not only combats climate change, but thrives in its response to it.

Rizolve provides simple, accessible and up-to-date information on climate change in South Asia to all communities within and beyond. We’re building a community of climate-conscious actors — including academicians & researchers, public sector & multilateral institutions, entrepreneurs, ground-level innovators and concerned citizens.

Climate change is an issue that doesn’t just belong to one nation or sector and so, we are building a platform for all actors in the region to communicate, collaborate, and build together.

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